A wide range of products including Frankfurter style, Currywurst and Halal to special order. Sizes and weights in stock include 71 gram x 18 cm; 90 gram x 21 cm and 120 gram x 30 cm.

Other sizes and weights can be produced against minimum order requirements specified by the sales office. All products are ambient (no refrigeration required).

Halal sausages

We are leading producers of Halal quality sausages; fully certificated, vacuum packed, fully cooked and smoked over real beechwood chips. They have a minimum poultry meat content of 85% and are gluten free.

Crispy onion topping

Quality crispy onion topping to enhance our excellent range of sauces and sausage products. A unique stainless steel portion dispenser is available for ease of application. The unit can be dismantled easily for use in a dishwasher. For prices and details contact the sales office.